CHINESE NEW YEAR 2019 - LIVE for Winners

【CHINESE NEW YEAR 2019 - LIVE for Winners】 總共60份禮物已經送出!再次恭喜所有得獎者,同埋辛苦哂兩位 DARTSLIVE OFFICIAL PLAYER 梁雨恩 Cathy Leung & Paul Lim ! Congratulations to all winners!! Total 60 prizes were given out by our DARTSLIVE OFFICIAL PLAYER Cathy Leung and Paul Lim! 得獎者將會喺下星期一收到專人經Facebook inbox message嘅通知!你地仲要答啱一條簡單問題先可以領獎㗎!心急想知結果就睇一次以下直播片段啦! Winners will be contacted by Facebook inbox message on next Monday! You are required to answer one simple question to get the prize! Check the live if you can't wait to know the results!

Posted by DARTSLIVE ASIA on Friday, 22 February 2019